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I am a local family owned business located in Lake Wylie, South Carolina area! I have always had an entrepreneurial spirit and have the passion to keep a clean home.

I thought about opening a cleaning service when I lived in Columbia, SC and once I moved to the Charlotte area, I saw a huge demand for the residential cleaning. People work hard, have family demands in the evenings and weekends, therefore it leaves very little time for the families to clean their homes.

I jumped in full force in March of 2018 and opened KwikMaid, LLC. My team and I have been consistently building my business one client at a time. I am so grateful for our customers who continue to support me in my amazing endeavor and to my dedicated team who are diligent in servicing our clients. KwikMaid has been growing exponentially and it is very heartwarming to see the growth of my business!

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Sara Singh


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